Scalable, user-friendly web app security for small businesses

Detectify offers low-noise and scalable web app security that boosts productivity and helps you integrate security into your development cycle.

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Detectify web scanning

Over 2000+ security tests updated on a regular basis

Detectify checks your web application for SQL injections, XSS, S3 bucket misconfigurations and 2000+ other vulnerabilities. Detectify scans go beyond OWASP Top 10 and identify security issues specific to your tech stack.

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An integrated part of your workflow

With a number of integrations with tools like JIRA, Slack, and Trello, Detectify helps you incorporate security into the development cycle. If you’d like to build your own integration, our powerful API offers even more customization options.

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Build safer web applications

Detectify helps you and your developers learn about security and gain a deeper understanding of vulnerabilities and common security mistakes. Access remediation tips, code examples, and attack demos to fix vulnerabilities and strengthen security skills.

“Detectify is the magic combination of simple and powerful that’s easy to deploy and get useful results immediately for a very reasonable price.”

Todd Troutman

Senior Systems Engineer, Qualpay

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