Secure and monitor your attack surface today

A 2-week free trial gives you instant access to both Surface Monitoring and Application Scanning. Get security over the entire breadth and depth of your attack surface in just a few clicks.

Scan what you build

Application Scanning

Starting from

$ 85 / month

Run in-depth and unlimited scans against your web apps with targeted scan profiles representing the full application or parts of it. Detect and remediate business-critical security vulnerabilities continuously:

  • Identify security issues in custom built applications
  • Get critical findings with advanced crawling and fuzzing
  • Distribute security ownership and responsibility to different teams
Scan what you host

Surface Monitoring

Starting from

$ 289 / month

Continuously monitor and secure known and unknown internet-facing assets. Stay protected from the latest vulnerabilities and misconfigurations which affect all layers of your tech stack:

  • Easily improve your security posture instantly
  • Monitor for potential subdomain takeovers
  • Identify weaknesses in your attack surface

Scale up with our Enterprise package

Designed for large organizations, this scalable offering is made for easy and flexible roll-out and provides additional Enterprise support, including:

  • Extensive API functionality and easy domain verification
  • Extended authentication control with SSO access and 2FA
  • Multi team set-up for flexible organizing of assets, access levels and results


Can I pay monthly instead of annually?

Yes. Monthly payment options are available for both Surface Monitoring and Application Scanning. See details in the information box under each product.

What is a scan profile?

A scan profile can be a domain, subdomain, or IP address you own. The great thing about scan profiles is that you customize them with different configurations. For example, you can scan the same domain with different credentials.

During the trial period, there is a limit of 5 scan profiles.

Can I change my product subscription at any time?

Yes, we can manually adjust your subscription through the interface at any time or by emailing our support. We will adjust the plan for the next payment period.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club) and annual invoices (Minimum order value via invoice $1650/€1500).

Can I delete my account at any time?

Yes. All data (test results, payment history, and configuration) is owned by the user and can be deleted directly on the customer's request.

Do you have any discounts for non-profit organizations?

If you have a private project or are a non-profit organization, you can run one scan profile for free with unlimited use. Read our guidelines on what we consider a non-profit organization, and contact us if you believe you fit the profile.