Ethical hackers are on your side

The group of ethical hackers who founded Detectify realized that the power of the crowd would be the best way to fix a broken Internet. This set the foundation for Crowdsource, a dedicated group of ethical hackers who genuinely are in it to make the Internet safer for both companies and end-users.

Meet the Crowdsource team

Learn more about the Crowdsource community and get familiar with some of the faces behind the Detectify Crowdsource team!

Tom Hudson

Security Research tech lead

Some know him by his hacker handle, TomNomNom. UK-native Tom Hudson started at Detectify as a Senior Security Researcher and is now the Tech Lead for Security Research & Module Development on the Crowdsource team.

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Carolin Solskär

Community manager

Carolin Solskär is the Community Manager for Detectify Crowdsource and was awarded Sweden’s IT Woman of the Year in 2019. She works closely with our ethical hackers to make sure they are given an awesome experience. She's also championing the shared goal of making the Internet more secure.

Carolin on the community

Meet the Crowdsource ethical hackers

From Sweden to the USA and France to Canada, our ethical hacker community has a real global presence. Our community is invite-only, meaning they're truly amongst the best-ranked ethical hackers in the world!

What's happening in the Crowdsource community?

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