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In today’s tech environments, your web applications are the new perimeter and the potential attack surface increases with each new line of code released. Detectify collaborates with leading ethical hackers to deliver reliable web application security testing, so you can remediate critical vulnerabilities in time.

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Maintain visibility over what you're exposing to the Internet

Check your website for DNS misconfigurations, sensitive file exposure, path traversal, secrets in page responses, including API keys & passwords, and more. Find vulnerabilities as soon as they surface, and keep track of your tech stack's software inventory to ensure policies are followed.

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Benefit from vulnerability findings submitted by ethical hackers

Check your web applications for XSS, security misconfigurations, and more beyond the OWASP Top 10 with Detectify’s payload-based testbed. Access the knowledge of expert ethical hackers to get verified vulnerabilities and comprehensive vulnerability reports with less noise.

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Have security that scales with your product development

Security is a team effort, which is why Detectify offers a range of features that make it easier to structure your web security workflow. Control access with different permission levels and SSO, organize your account into teams and strengthen login security with enforced 2FA.

"It’s very easy to find information about the product, and the very few times we needed to contact Detectify we received world-class support from all parts of their organization. We definitely recommend Detectify!"

Dimitrios Stergiou

CISO, Trustly

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