Did you love your stay at Heart & Soul Retreats and would like to keep up your new healthy habits around yoga, vegan food and an uplifting mindset? Or are you dreaming of visiting our centre, but haven’t made it yet? Either way, we are excited to share an abundance of yogic practices with you - free of charge via our ‘Heart & Soul Media’ Youtube Channel.

Have a look below, and subscribe to our channel for updates on several new videos per week.

Here is a little preview …


Join our beautiful Heart & Soul Yoga Teacher Indu for short & sweet 15-20min free online yoga classes. Some are gentle and nourishing, some more invigorating, and all are infused with Indu’s signature peaceful and nurturing spirit.


Here at Heart & Soul, Jahnavi’s cooking skills are very much appreciated by both guests and residents of our retreat centre. Having grown up vegetarian, with farm fresh veggies and herbs right at hand, she has cultivated a deep love for flavours and textures since childhood.

Join Jahnavi for her 8-15min free online cooking classes and discover not only a series of delicious recipes, but also a bunch of brilliant tips and tricks to inspire your inner Master Chef!


Kirtan (Sanskrit: कीर्तन) is the spiritual practice of congregational chanting of mantras - a joyous and deeply connected group meditation experience.

It has ancient roots in the Vedic tradition, and is performed as a call-and-response chant, accompanied by instruments like the harmonium, mrdanga drums or kartalas. The singer (and in repeating, the audience) recite a mantra and infuse their song with loving devotion.


If you are feeling that it’s time for you to reclaim your power and thrive, join Life Coach and Hypnotherapist Henrike and learn how to harness your conscious and unconscious mind to create meaningful change.

These uplifting and inspirational videos support the whole individual - body, mind and soul. Henrike draws on modern techniques like NLP, hypnotic patterns, DISC and the Values Pendulum, as well as spiritual teachings from ancient India, like the Bhagavad Gita, and healing systems like Ayurveda.