When you book your stay with Heart & Soul Retreats, included in your visit is access to our daily program. Running every day of the week, our program comprises three delicious vegan meals, two yoga classes, a workshop, and an evening sangha. Between these activities you will also have plenty of downtime to rest and relax, book in for a therapy at our Healing Centre, and explore the Royal National Park and surrounding beaches.

This program is included for guests who stay with us overnight, as well as those who hold a Day Pass. For those just wishing to drop in, each item can also be purchased individually per person.



As a yogic community, Heart & Soul Retreats is home to a group of experienced yoga teachers. Their individual styles vary, but the overarching theme is one of balance, relaxation, and alignment of body, mind, and soul. Classes generally cater for beginners, but the teachers can give options for intermediate students.

Those wishing to drop in can attend a yoga class for $20.

Workshops Yoga Retreat Sydney NSW Australia



Heart & Soul Retreats host inspiring health, wellness, and philosophy workshops daily. The facilitators offer a variety of topics – from mindfulness practices, to Vedic Astrology, Aromatherapy, Sustainable Art, Pranayama, Tools for Transformation, Art Therapy, Nature Mandalas and so much more. These workshops support guests to learn new skills, look at life from a different angle, and gain a fresh perspective.

Those wishing to drop in can attend a workshop for $20.

Program Yoga Retreat Sydney NSW Australia

Vegan Meals

SERVED DAILY AT 8:00AM, 1:00PM, & 6:00PM

At Heart & Soul Retreats we are passionate about maintaining a healthy and balanced plant-based diet, and are dedicated to inspiring our guests to delve into the magic of vegan cuisine. Our kitchen provides three nutritious vegan meals daily, sourcing as many ingredients as possible from our own organic gardens. Served buffet-style by our volunteers team be prepare to be surprised!

 Those wishing to drop in can purchase breakfast for $15, or $25 for lunch or $20 for dinner.